Me – The Vegan Feminist Lawyer

I’m Robyn, a vegan since my teens, I’m now fast approaching thirty and I am more passionate than ever about veganism, feminism and social justice.  I am a solicitor in England, UK (not currently practising) and I am currently undertaking my doctorate in the field of animal law at Magdalen College, University of Oxford.  

I previously practised as an intellectual property litigator at a Magic Circle law firm in London but decided to leave this career to undertake research on a topic I am extremely passionate about: animal rights!  My research is entirely reform focused and my end goal is to suggest meaningful ways to recognise the rights of animals, stop the use of animals by humans, and strive for equality for all.  I ultimately hope to be able to bring this legal change to fruition and boost the profile of animal law in the UK.

I am in the first year of my DPhil (PhD) and so far my research has focused on what we mean when we discuss ‘humans’ and ‘animals’, the historical basis of this divide, and how this basis can illuminate the interconnections between different forms of oppression and discrimination among both humans and animals.

Why am I starting this blog?

I am hoping to track the progress of my research (and my academic work more generally), but most importantly I want to comment on the current happenings in veganism, animal rights, and feminism.  I spend the majority of my time thinking about all things vegan and therefore I am hoping to comment on current affairs, academic work, and activist efforts.  I will predominantly focus on the UK but I also track what is happening in other jurisdictions so I also hope to be able to comment on this too.

I am, of course, also very passionate about vegan food and sample a lot of it.  I love also to cook and bake with my mother (who is also vegan) and therefore I will also try to provide some more general vegan lifestyle content, including recipes etc.

No biography on me would be complete without mentioning my beautiful rescue dog, Tilly.  I love to photograph Tilly and I might not be able to resist including some of these photos here!

Tilly – my beautiful rescue dog
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